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Upcoming Events

Trail Sale - Friends of the Library
21 Oct 12:00am

Trail Sale - Friends of the Library
21 Oct 12:00am

Jemez Springs Community Ditch
22 Oct 05:00pm - 08:00pm

Lannan film/discussion
25 Oct 04:30pm -

25 Oct 06:30pm - 08:00pm


The Village of Jemez Springs is subject to the official New Mexico Open Meetings Act. Agendas of official meetings will be posted here, as well as six public locations around the Village (including the US Post Office, Electric Co-op, Public Library, and Village Office) at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Subsequent meeting minutes will also be posted below. Please note that unsigned minutes are not yet official and may be subject to revision prior to quorum approval at the next official meeting. Regular meeting times are subject to change; please check the official Village meeting calendar for the latest info.

Questions? Please contact the Village Office at 575-829-3540 during normal business hours.