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Friends of the Library Meeting
04 May 10:00am - 12:00pm

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Health & Medicine  
MedLine Plus The National Library of Medicine created MedLine Plus to assist you in locating authoritative health information. MedlinePlus pages contain carefully selected links to Web resources with health information on over 900 topics.
National Institute of Health NIH Senior Health information. Sign up for weekly tips to help you maintain your health as you get older
Language Study  
Mango Languages Learn 71 different languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free with this online library resource found on the library's catalog home page.
Google Translate Free online service converts text you enter into many other languages. This free service from Google is a great aid to learning a new language.
FactCheck.org This non-partisan non-profit site exists to increase public understanding of and lessen the deception in U.S. politics, holding politicians accountable by monitoring the accuracy of their speeches, interviews, debates, and press releases.
WorldWideScience.org This site allows you to search 28 scientific databases across 18 countries. An international collaboration, the site provides access to published research findings in energy, environment, and the basic sciences.
Fortune 500 Find all the news about the U.S. Fortune 500 companies on this site. Clicking on the company name yields its revenue, assets, profit data, and more. There is also info on best employers, top-paying companies, firms with women CEOs, and more.
Landmark cases of the Supreme Court This site was developed to assist educators in teaching the landmark decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. You will learn about the cases you’ve heard mentioned in movies or on the news (e.g. Dred Scott, Plessy, Gideon, Roe).
USAspending.gov Did you ever need to know how much money the government provides to grant recipients? Or the names of government contractors in your state? This is the place on the Internet for such information.
FuelEconomy.gov This rich resource provides information on gas consumption (MPG), greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution ratings, and safety for new and used cars and trucks. It is most frequently searches for its “side by side” or “class” comparisons of new cars.
Real or Fake Washington Post’s Fact Checker
Craig Silverman’s BuzzFeed blog
Whois Lookup
5W’s of Website Evaluation
Does This Website Smell Funny to You?
Evaluating Sources Using the RADAR Framework
Ripoff Report By consumers, for consumers: Ever felt ripped off by corporate America, your government, or an unscrupulous contractor? If so, you’re not alone. This site serves as a warehouse of consumer complaints. With 301,374 reports filed in over 1000 categories, it is one of the best unedited places to track down the latest scams.
TripAdvisor.com This site provides recent advice from real travelers on hotels, restaurants, and attractions worldwide. TripAdvisor rates hotels with consumer-supplied pictures and gives tips on cheap eats.
WordNet Wordnet is available in 40 languages. Simply stated, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms that are linked by conceptual-semantic relations.